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Decentralized Freedom Summit

September 1-3, 2021 | Orem, Utah

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Free your Self, Health & Wealth

Our 3 day summit in scenic Utah will give you exclusive insight into many of the Clear Companies technologies, products and vision for a decentralized world. Come be part of this historic event with a great line up of speakers and set yourself up to be a leader in the future of decentralization.

Why Attend ?

  • Review the Digital World and be the first to sign the Declaration of Unity.
  • Meet many of the Clear Companies Leadership in person.
  • Learn about ClearCellular and ClearNODE technologies and how to become the masters of your own digital footprint while earning ClearREWARDS.
  • Learn how ClearPAY and ClearCOIN put you back in control of your money.
  • Learn how ClearHealth will deliver the next generation of decentralized health solutions and services.



Decentralized Freedom

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